Top Story | Kidney swap saves two lives, plus stunning COVID results and IVF uncertainty
HomeHealthKidney swap saves two lives, plus stunning COVID results and IVF uncertainty

Kidney swap saves two lives, plus stunning COVID results and IVF uncertainty

‘Brilliantly timed’ – Four Texas residents have been eternally linked by two kidney donations in numerous cities. Recipients, donors and medical doctors share their tales. continue reading…

Demented driver? , Following Wendy Williams’ prognosis of frontotemporal dementia, specialists are contemplating the cognitive results of alcohol. continue reading…

step it up – Women over 60 could must take fewer steps than the universally beneficial 10,000 steps. Here’s what to know. continue reading…

woman jogging

A physician stated senior girls ought to do a mixture of cardio and weight-lifting workouts regularly. (iStock)

Parents’ selection – After the Florida Surgeon General despatched steerage to folks about faculty attendance amid a measles outbreak, doctors shared their reactions. continue reading…

Third Trap – “Why do I all the time really feel thirsty, and what ought to I do about it?” A physician solutions. continue reading…

Recovery of a runner – A Tennessee athlete skilled diaphragm paralysis after COVID. Here’s how he bought his breath again. continue reading…

Gerald Branim - Half-Marathon

Gerald Branim, 55, was a marathon runner when he bought COVID, which paralyzed his diaphragm, stopping him in his tracks. (Advanced Reconstruction Institute)

Pregnancy Precautions – A brand new examine reveals the share of pregnant girls who develop lengthy Covid, as specialists stress the significance of vaccination. continue reading…

H2O haters – A sports activities dietitian shares water options for wholesome hydration. continue reading…

Stalled plans – The Alabama Supreme Court’s choice has prompted some native suppliers to halt IVF providers. Fertility medical doctors react to this motion. continue reading…

Newborn Baby

A ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court has halted IVF providers in some locations and sparked a wave of protests from suppliers within the fertility sector. (iStock)

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